Horsepower Can Get Confusing

Horsepower can be a confusing unit to understand. We aren't all math majors. Horsepower is still relevant and important to many vehicle owners. You may need to haul heavy weight with your new truck. You may need to pull a trailer or vehicle. That's where horsepower becomes an important factor.

Horsepower is a unit of power or strength. It tells you how much work your engine can handle. 18th-century inventor James Watt was trying to sell more steam engines when he came up with the term. He used one single horse to pull a load of coal. He found out that single horse could produce 22,000 foot-pounds of work over the course of a minute. He later increased that to 33,000 foot-pounds. That's still the standard number for horsepower today. This means your vehicle can pull 33 pounds one thousand feet for a minute of every one unit of horsepower. You can multiply your total horsepower to get the recommended weight you should be hauling.

Interstate Hyundai wants you to understand every aspect of your vehicle. We have an amazing array of new and used inventory for you to check out. We'll go over important terms like horsepower and answer any questions you have.
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