Setting a Schedule for Your Timing Belt

A broken timing belt is an avoidable, expensive repair. Timing belts are strong nylon and rubber components of the car's engine. They coordinate the crank and camshaft. The belts operate under tremendous pressure. Because of the demand placed on them, they wear out.

When a timing belt breaks, the car will immediately stop. The motor may be damaged extensively or even beyond repair. Car manufacturers set a mileage range when the timing belt should be replaced. It is in the owner's manual, or you can check with the dealership. When it is time to replace the belt, other parts usually are changed out at the same time.

There are signals that a timing belt is getting ready to break. If the motor leaks oil from the front, it may be a signal, or if the engine makes a ticking or tapping noise, it could be a sign of potential failure. If you notice any of these conditions, visit the service center at Interstate Hyundai, where our trained technicians can diagnose your vehicle with ease!

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