A Comparison of Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive

We value your ability to make the best decision when you buy a new car, so we offer posts that can heighten your car knowledge. Today, we offer you a better understanding of front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive setups.

Comparing these two setups begins with defining them. Front-wheel drive configurations transfer the engine's force to the front wheels. Rear-wheel drive setups move that force to the rear wheels. Manufacturers and budget-minded car buyers like front-wheel-drive cars because they cost less to build. Driving enthusiasts like rear-wheel drive because it offers better dry-pavement handling. Importantly, everyday cars with front-wheel drive and winter tires offer very good snow traction.

Now that you know more about these two popular transmission configurations, come see us at Interstate Hyundai location. To personally feel the difference between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive autos, you can test drive any model in our inventory.



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