Your destination is set, your activities and accommodations are planned, and the car is all packed and ready to go to get on the road for your family road trip. You prepared, planned and planned some more so surely nothing could go wrong? Right? Wrong! Inevitably there will be things you forget or did not consider. Avoiding these road trip mistakes will help to ensure your trip is a success. Here are the mistakes to avoid.


Don't Travel Hungry: Not eating before you set out on your trip is a big mistake. Travelers often think they will just stop along the way. But starting out your trip hungry not only means you will likely stop sooner than you have to, it also means you might be out of luck in general. If you have certain dietary needs or want to save on budget because buying food on an empty stomach is never ideal. Eat a good healthy meal before heading out.


Prep Your Devices: Not preparing your technology is another mistake to avoid. You will probably remember to charge your devices but don't forget to download your music lists, books and any other service needing WIFI. You have no idea if there will be a signal while on the road. This is especially true when traveling with other people. You will want to make sure everyone is entertained. Kids will not understand why they can't listen to their favorite playlist because there is no signal.


Include a Real Map: Speaking of signal, make sure you grab a paper map. Technology as it is is great for gps directions but what happens when your gps has no signal? If you are traveling to a familiar destination, this might not be a big deal but regardless a paper map will always be helpful. Print your directions for the route but having the map also means if you need to make a detour, you can see what your options are.


Prop Your Car:  Getting your car checked and serviced is important. Don't forget to do this. You don't want to be out on the road and end up with an emergency light coming on or worse a breakdown. Along with this, having a car repair kit handy is important while on the road. Things like a jack, spare tire and even cordless battery charger can come in handy. And don't forget weather gear like ice scrapers in case you are traveling in that type of weather. Roadside assistance might not be an option depending on where you are.


Avoid these 4 road trip mistakes in order to make your trip the best one yet.